50% funding for analytics training in SingaporE


public courses

For individuals and small teams, only two public classes are available before the funding period expires.

The funding applies to a combined bundle of the i3BAR Excel methodology and the i2VSA Visual analytics and Dashboard development.

Funding Terms (Public)

1. The funding is not available for government organisations

2. Participants are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents

3. 90% attendance across all 5 days

4. Project assessments completed for both courses

In-HOUse training

Up to 5 companies can obtain 50% e2i funding for the 1st 10 seats; Transformation Analytics will then also subsidise a further 10 seats at half price too.

Each company can therefore have up to 20 employees trained in the i3BAR Excel methodology and in the i2VSA Visual analytics and Dashboard development for only $1,550 each (5 days training). For your reference, the 3-day i3BAR course alone is normally $1,950.

funding Terms (In-HOUSE)

1. This offer is only valid for the first five companies to take up this offer by 31 August 2017 (confirmation in writing on agreed training dates and 10% deposit).

2. The 5-day i3BAR and i2VSA courses are completed in Singapore within a 3-week period by the end of November.

3. This funding is not available for government organisations

4. At least 10 of the participants are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents

5. 90% attendance for all participants across all 5 days

6. Project assessments completed for both courses

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Why our courses qualify for 50% E2I funding:

The combination of i3BAR and i2VSA:

"equips our local PMETs with knowledge and competencies to analyse data to generate insights, answer key business questions to improve performance and apply visual analytics techniques to present information in an interactive manner to support decision making."

PMETs with such data analytics skills will be able to :

  • "stay relevant to value add to their organisation in the current technology and data driven economy;
  • to progress in their careers and at the same time strengthen the Singapore Core."

Benefits of taking these courses:

1. Significant reduction in corporate reporting time

“With the new model, the time spent on preparing the report is reduced
from 2 days to under half a day. My superior is also impressed with the improved accuracy and presentation, my team are more motivated now.”
HZ Zheng, VP Finance of a global bank

2. Actionable information

“My model has created a lot of buzz in the board meetings as they have never seen something like this before.”
Claire Richardson, CFO

3. Simplicity

“A fully interactive model by using simple excel functions. The sustainability is amazing as the model can be used in future years with very simple updates required.“
Kate Davis, Management Accountant

4. Data Integrity

“We are now regarded as the authority when it comes to numbers.”
Johnny Teo, Finance Manager

5. Big systems performance without the cost

“We had big plans that required a big system, until we attended this course, all these are now made possible. It is no longer just a dream! And it does not cost millions of dollars to invest in sophisticated systems. The knowledge gained is invaluable"
Victor Evans, FD, Healthcare

6. Interactive reporting with drill down

“Instead of giving management tonnes of numbers and tables to read previously, the interactive charts and visuals make report reading a joy rather than a chore. Management is able to obtain prior months/quarters figures with a click of a button.”
Phyllis Chin, FP&A

7. 90% file size reduction

“I was already using Excel extensively before the course and my biggest file was 30MB. I was skeptical as everything seemed so simple, but the thinking behind this course is amazing! I was convinced that I can achieve equal if not more powerful results with simple functions. Now that same file is only 3MB, faster, nicer and the management loves it.”
David Miller, Head of Business IT

ADDitional benefits for in-house courses

1. Common methodology allows ability to share models and break down Excel data silos

2. Training can be discussed in relation to examples from your own organisation: For example our dashboard design course can include review and discussion based on your current in-house reports

3. If 10 staff attend the training and complete projects that is 10 new/ improved reports/ analysis/ dashboards delivered in a month - a significant transformation and rapid return on the training investment