We’ve revolutionized analytics & reporting for many organisations through you. Our i3BAR and VSA courses have made the positive difference for over 5,000 people in 10 countries, from CFOs and CFAs to IT and HR leaders.

How we helped a Singaporean airline save millions

Our accurate and easy-to-audit reports can improve your business too. Read more in our blog post—and continue down this page for more case studies.

Our alumni become empowered Agents for Change in their organisations

"If only these methodologies were taught during our original training as accountants, there would have been a lot of wasted time saved."

—Simon Wheeler ACA, Finance Director, Imbiba Partnership

"The course exposed me to ideas and techniques which enable powerful and efficient use of Excel to process data which I would never have contemplated on my own."

—Jill Collyer FCCA, Financial Controller, Spellman High Voltage Electronics Ltd.

You’ll learn how to make reporting exciting

"It's an eye-opening experience for me. I’m convinced that my routine reports can be very interactive and interesting to my audience. It definitely changed the way I prepare my financial reports and analysis works."

—Mark Gonzales, Financial Controller

"[i3BAR] has also enabled me to present the necessary relevant information to the management with minimum man-hours and maximum data integrity."

—Ng Sze Chong, Accountant

We’ll make your learning enriching

"The course tutor was friendly, extremely knowledgeable, understanding of the day-to-day pressures of financial reporting teams, and went out of her way to ensure all attendees understood and could apply the concepts."

—Elspeth Holmes ACA, Founder & Director of Ottoline Ferdinand Ltd.

"I was very grateful to attend the course which provides me in-depth knowledge of using MS Excel in a most effective way and by producing meaningful reports which cannot be done in most accounting system or software."

—Jason Chong, Accountant

You’ll learn how to make reporting simple and auditable. Reduce file sizes—and errors—with our simple, elegant techniques

"I value the structured and logical approach of the i3BAR in handling complex excel spreadsheets and capture business model perfectly. I managed to trim down my Xls file size by more than 70% (from 52MB to 11MB), and not only that—I double the functionalities of the file at the same time! This is a true achievement, and I'm so happy to have joined this training in the first place. THANK YOU!"

—Adri M. S., PHILIPS Healthcare

"Since the model is designed as much as possible to ensure it can automate by itself into the presentation blocks, hence reducing the error of human manual input and increase the accuracy of data."

—Nelson Leong, Finance Manager